This is me kissing the Blarney Stone ... OH MY was it ever a long way down!!!
You see the most beautiful moutains everywhere, all throughout Ireland
Which of course offers some beautiful sunsets ...
The streets of Ireland are VERY narrow and each little town has that
"cuteness"  about it, not anything like the tall buildings all over the U.S.
This page created in March 2000 by Pixie
Everywhere we looked, there were sheep ... and I do mean EVERYWHERE ~giggles~  And for every
flock of sheep there is an old castle ... well, at least parts of old castles anyway (see border)  .. A
funny  story with this picture.  We stopped to take it, and walked up to a stone wall, my friend
Judy started to go "baaaaaa" like a  sheep, and literally ALL the sheep started baaaaing and
running toward us ...we RAN back to our car !! It was SO funny !!!!!!