This is what most of the houses actually look like in Ireland ...
This is where John Wayne shot the movie "The Quiet Man" , in Congo. There is a
bar there still owned and operated by a gentleman who was in the movie. We stayed
in the castle one night - that was one of many highlights on our trip. The Castle
offers a gallery hosting the photos of famous people who have stayed there,
including Princess Diana and Prince Charles ... and of course I'll be darned if I can
remember the name of this Castle right now ... but i will .. *giggles*       

woohooo  FINALLY rememberd. It is Ashford Castle !!
Your typical IrishMan ... and dog ... Though we noticed ALL over Ireland that
just about everyone has one of them lil dogs like Eddie on the show Frazier.
Basically the entire country is surrounded by water ..; and we spent almost all 12
days driving along the coast.  We found it interesting that there are no
barricades and such ... just signs like the one above ... someone before us drew
faces in the car on this sign and the words "uh-oh" ... LOL ...
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I created this background using a picture of the infamous Cliffs of
Mohair. This had to be one of the most beautiful places we visited!  
Although too far away to take pictures, you can see The Aran Islands.
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I spent 12 fabulous days driving through Ireland, back in March 1997.
We took 32 rolls of film! YES lol it was back in the days before digital cameras!

These are a few of the pictures taken