I was born February 7th 1970 at around 930ish in the morning.  My mama
had been to the Dr's on Feb 6 discussing my due date. He told her the 21st
and she insisted on the 14th, Valentines.  Neither were correct, I decided to
make my entrance the very next morning !

This makes me Aquarius, The Water Bearer.  My Birthstone is Amethyst, my
Flower is Violet and I am an Air Faery.

  Come in and see my 2002 Birthday Page created by my friends ...
This beautiful background  was created by:
Air Faeries are spirits of
aspiration and transcendence,
flying between the worlds,
between heaven and earth,
between the body and soul.  
Qualities are radiance within
oneself and being spontaneous.

Other Air Signs: Gemini and Libra.

faery are you ?
This is my Amethyst Crystal Faery
I am a "5 of Spades" as well :
Spades are restless, artistic and work best in groups. We enjoy being on
the go !  Travel, sales and promoting are often key factors in our lives.  
Often in early years, sacrafice related to a male relative was
experienced. Work related to humanity comes natural to us. Business
partnerships are beneficial, yet cooperation must be achived  at all cost.  
Heart related lessons may come often and emotional mastery will greatly
improve our well being., We may have successful dealings in real
estate.  We have charm that appeals to the public and it will be vital to
assisting  people in lifestyle changes.  We are very intuitive and love
peace and harmony.  Mental stability is a challenge for us.  Many lessons
deal with honesty and sprituality.  The ultimate outcome of our individual
life plan has to do with a mission of enlightening ourselves and others
through higher knowledge

Other 5 of  Spades Birthdates are : 1/9 2/7 4/3 5/1
Flutter through the stars
to get back home :)
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