Everyday can be magical .. Here are a few special things to
do  for each day of the week ...

The Sun naturaly rules the first day of the week. Any type of God or solar-related
magick is especially potent this day.  Spells for logic, thought and leadership will have
strong results. Other correspondences for Sunday : Sun Rituals: money, health,
friendship related.

Color: Yellow
Element: Fire.
Number: 6


The day of the Moon. Any rituals focused on creativity, insight and hidden wisdom
are reccommended. This is also a good day to attune with the Goddess and her
energies. Other correspondences for Monday :  Moon Rituals: Conceptual,
self-inspiration, psychic ability, inspiration, change.

Color: White
Element: Water
Number: 9

Named after the God Tiw, this day is perfect for works relating to justice, strength
and physical well-being. Other correspondences for Tuesday :  Mars Rituals:
Overcoming enmity, developing courage and protection.

Color: Red
Element: Fire
Number: 5

The day of Woden, whose name is also pronounced Odin, a Norse God of poetry,
resourcefulness and all things mystical. Attune with these energies this day and you
find Odin's power will be with you. Other correspondences for Wednesday :
Mercury Rituals: Career

Color: Yellow
Element: Air
Number: 0

Named after the Norse thunder God Thor, Thursday is a great time for rituals and
magick focused on strength, devovtion, and commitment. Other correspondences for
Thursday : Jupiter Rituals: Money, Legal and Religious matters.

Color : Blue
Element: Earth
Number: 4

Anything related to love and relationships will have good results when done this day,
which is derived from the Goddess Frigg, the Norse patroness of fertility.
Other correspondences for Friday :  Venus Rituals: Love, Attraction.

Color: Green
Element: Water
Number: 7

Ruled by the Roman God of the harvest and planting. New starts and firmly planting
your seeds of intention or good focuses on Saturday.Other correspondences for
Saturday : Saturn Rituals: Disciplining ourselves.

Color: Black
Element: Earth
Number: 3
Sunday :