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The Wiccan Faeries
One of the very first things that even made me start wondering about Wicca was my name.
Back in 1988 I changed my name, to Alyxx.
I had never liked my birth name, I knew for many years I was going to change it some
day, it was just a matter of finding a name I liked. One day just before my senior year
of high school I was at work and asked a girl, if you had a baby girl today what would you
name her, and she replied "Alexandra"  - I said that's it, and Alex I became.
The spelling came up with everyone, as I didn't want to be typical. So we did Alix for a
few months. Then one day a friend called, found a poem in a magazine by a 7yr old girl in
the state of Washington named Alyxx - and my name was born -

Several years later an internet friend asked me if I was Pagan. Although I had heard the
term, and somewhat knew what it was, I was not exactly sure how to answer why.....well,
I wanted to say yes, as if I knew I was and always had been.
It was rather strange .... but my journey of discovery began almost at that moment.  

I will admit, I am not a good lil solitary ~witchlett~ I need a lil push here and there;
some guidance, which gratefully, when needed, has always presented itself to me.

Being a Witch is not all about casting spells and riding broomsticks, though I do enjoy
those things ~giggles~  I am kidding ... I don't really ride a broomstick LOL
Being a witch, at least to me at this point in my growth, is about spirituality and beliefs in
an emotional and personal sense, and how its applied to keeping my life in a happy state.
These are Eolande, The Guardian of Mystic Realms and Ceres, The Guardian of Witches.
~ Unfortunately the website is no longer available ~
  Current Lunar Phase
13 Goals of a Witch
Moon Phases
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Earth Faery
Fire Faery
Wind Faery
Water Faery
According to Wiccans, the Earth has
been our home and our mother since
we first immerged from her
maginificant oceans. She nurtures,
heals, and protects us. Earth is the
most physical of all the five
elements. Earth is the realm of
prosperity, wealth, abundance,
protection, healing, stability,
fertility and money. Rituals for
Earth can involve just simply burying
something, walking over the
countryside, or drawing images in
the ground. Earth is a feminine
element as it is life giving and
Fire has been revered and worshipped
for millennia by many cultures. It is the
element of will, change and passion. It
can be a frightening and powerful magic,
the results of which manifest quickly.
Its magical realm includes sexuality and
passion, energy, authority, sex,
destruction of negativity and
purification. It is the most primal and
spiritual element. It's also very physical
and so is much used. It can be found in
the form of candles. Fire's colour is red
and it rules the warm, hot and dry south
lands of the compass and the summer.
Candle magic comes under fire magic.
Air is the realm of intellect,
thought and creation. Magically it is
clear and uncluttered and always
moving. It is a powerful tool for
change and travelling. As well as
change and travel, its magic includes
instruction, freedom, obtaining
knowledge, uncovering lies,
discovering the truth, decisions and
so on. It can also develop psychic
aspects. Air is a masculine element,
its colour is yellow and it belongs to
the realm of the east and spring.
Music magic, divination,
visualisation, the four winds and
Water is the element of emotion,
purification and the psychic mind. It
is a feminine element, its colour is
the blue of the deep ocean and it
rules the sunset and dusk and the
season of autumn. For Wiccans it
was our birth place, where the
components of our ancestors first
combined. Its colour is blue.
Basic Principals
When I was younger I had a tree outside my Apt
window; almost every night for all the years we
lived there a white owl would come sit in this tree.
I would sit in my windowsill watching her ...listening
to her,  knowing she was significant, just not why.
I always felt her as a protector though!
The Witches of Solstice Moon is no longer
It was a wonderful group in its day ~