11 years ago when I first heard my calling from the Faeries I had no idea
where to even find any .... because .... they just werent to be found!

Now, there seems to be a "Faery Craze" and they are everywhere !
Here I've put together a few places the Faeries have called me to

I hope you enjoy and find your special faeries too !
We cant forget about good ol EBAY !  Its certainly my
number 1 place for deals and steals on Faerys
(laughs OK next to Relaxed Living Store)

Besides the Auctions there are also EBAY Stores with
quick "buy now" options and no bidding

i am on ebay as **pixielee**
There is some wonderful art
at the Duirwaigh Gallery
Amy Brown has some
incredible pieces of work for
what I consider to be very
inexpensive  ~ This set is
from her work
There are many wonderful places ... Please let me know if
you have a particualr favorite you would like to share
If you are out and about in the real world, or just doing a search online
- be sure to look for Faerie Glen Faeries!
They are some of the most beautiful I've seen yet!!!
I have several,  so far you can see 2
and just recently aquired 4 more that I will photograph shortly!
You can get your very own Faerie Glenns by clicking the link below !!!!
Solution Graphics
Remeber to use PayPal to complete all your
online transactions safe and securely !!!!
Enchanted Hollow has BEAUTIFUL Faeries and
in FEB 2004 I won a FREE T-SHIRT !
Be Sure to Check This Place Out !!!
Specialize in garden decor and home furnishings
Relaxed Living Store ~ Take some time to relax.
Browse through their store.  Enjoy your shopping experience.
I've found some wonderful faery garden items!
Relaxed Living Store
`Tate & Co. has a couple other fab stores too that you may want to check out too!

http://www.bustedgrapes.com/ for some fabulous wine accessories
and some amazing T-Shirts at
My friend Jenny makes some amazing
Tye Dye you just have to go see!!
(click pic)