The next 2 pieces, My Butterfly Fae and my
Moon Fae both called to me over Solstice,
1998/1999.  I do have a tendency over the
holidays to buy myself gifts !!
o O ( espeically when I hear them talking to
me in stores ! *giggles* )
What you will see on the next few pages are the wonderful gifts and
collectibles I've come across in my enchanting journey of belief
not only in the Fae, but in the spirit of life itself ...

As with entering my home,
I shall start off with the faery poem
that hangs in my doorway
When we first moved to this new house 3 years ago I IMMEDIATLY said
"THAT" will be my room, because I loved the window.  However, after several
months of being blinded with morning sun ... I couldnt take it any more !!!  So after
10 hours of rearranging ... my bed sits UNDER the window now ...I've hung some
lovely faeries from the there now.  The both have lil crystals on them that create
wonderful Rainbow Faery Slides around my room ~
My wonderful mama made the curtains for me. They are blue with gold stars, which
has been a theme in my journeys ~ You can also see some lovely butterfly wands I
picked up at the kansas City,MO Renaissance Faire held usually the end of
August until Columbus day in October. Its a MUST see !
The next 2 globes are both items I just came across while shopping.  Both did
not take well to being photographed.  The "blue" one is actually gold with clear
water, the one below also has clear water but turned a pretty red from my
These 2 faries are from my mama given as Solsitce gifts   2001 ~ 2002
Both were purchased from an incredible store in Omaha, Nebraska called The
Next Millinium.  From what I understand they were both done by a local artist
So I am out Solstice shopping this 2002 season
and  I find *as always* something I just MUST
have. The store I purchased it from had it
marked at 44.50 .... but when the lovely clerk
handed me the receipt ... *OPS* .. she only
charged 14.50
HAPPY SOLSTICE to me *giggles*
I unfortunately can not find the artist of  these
beautiful  Rainbow Faeries
If you know ... please ...
EMAIL .... me *smiles*
The pretty star and moon candle
holders were a gift from my best
friends mom one year and the lil
faery a gift from my mama
We have a lovely corner shelf just outside my bedroom door where I have been
forced to start migrating my faeries.  Here are a couple of the shelves   ...  
the pretty pink laying down fae in the middle of the above pic came from the
Ren Faire and the others just again aquired through travels and the wonderful
world of EBAY ... I also seem to have a knack for finding faerise at gas
stations lately ...and VERY inexpensive !!
The faery on the left
that is holding the
umbrella, was actually
my very first Faery ~
she was sent all the
way from Alaska by a
friend for my birthday ~
The pretty blue airballon is from the Paris Hotel in
Las Vegas, Nevada ... One of my favorite places to
be !!!!!  My best friend and I went in Nov. 2000 and
got a souviner cup from each of the hotels
The pink faery is a candle from a friend as well as
the moon candle holder.  There is a candle holder in
the back that cant be seen to well, but its moons
and then the lil faery is a trinket box, that again I
found while  SHOPPING !  *laughs* go figure
The bigger blue fae I found while
Solstice Shopping and the new lil
flute Fae I just found for my
Birthday *smiles*