I recently had the privilege of reading the 2 most wonderful children's
books by Stephen J. Brooks, and would highly recommend both for any child!
The first book is "Unicorn Races"
Illustrasted by Linda Crockett
The 2nd wonderful book is "The Fairy Ball"
Illustrated by Denise Seah
Both books are well written and would be a delight for any child to share in over and over!

Stephen has written several delightful stories that children young and old will enjoy!!
You can order these wonderful books, find out more about Stephen's other books,
and the Illustrators, through
Purple Sky Publishing
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This delightful story is about a young girl, Madelyn, who goes out on
Mid-Summers Eve to dance with the faeries under the moonlight.

" It has been said that mortals cannot see fairies except for one
night each year when they gather for a celebration under the full
moon of mid-summer's eve..."
Unicorn Races is about a little girl, "princess" Abigail, and a
wonderful Unicorn, Lord William. They ride off each night to
a land of make-believe and a magical forest.
There, they will enjoy the Unicorn Races. 6 Beautifully
colored Unicorns race to the finish line, so a great feast with
the fairies and elves can begin!
It's an absolutely enchanting story that will embrace a child's heart with a love for Unicorns. The
brightly colored pages, the captivating story, every little princess will be excited for bedtime,
dreaming off to the Unicorn Races with Abigail and Lord William ...
Every little girl has the dream of dancing with fairies.
This amazing story captures that magic and whisks them on that enchanted journey!