HI ~ I am pixie and I'd like to invite you to take a journey
through enchantment. A little further down the page there
is a link to begin your Journey.

I began creating my home for pixies,faeries and other
enchanting creatures since 1998.. and oh my has it grown.  
Along with the enchantment you can meet some of my
family and friends here too.

I usually do something to at least one of my pages
everyday ... so be sure to visit often as its everchanging.

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If you have any questions, comments and/or suggestions
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How do I bring FaeryLand back to Earth,
you  might  ask,  Well...
Be Creative
Wear 2 different-colored socks
Plant a tree
Make a faery garden
Paint a picture
Paint the walls
Wail like a banshee
Sing a healing song
Make a wooded place magickal again
Wear wings out in public
Sprinkle someone with glitter

*giggles* the list goes on and on
Please, support
The Royal Society
for the Prevention
of the Cruelty to
Fairies ...
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