I've been wanting a Faery Tattoo for about 5 years now, and have been
waiting *impatiently* for the right one to come to me ...
about 6 weeks ago I thought I had made that decision,
but still wasnt 100pct sure so I have been waiting for it to "feel right".
Then, just a few days ago one of my wonderful Faery Believer Friends found
some original new faery art by Tina Gillian -
All I can say is I FELL IN LOVE ( You will be able to see more artwork soon !! )
Within minutes I KNEW I would be using one of the Faeries, and actually
end up using 2 of her faeries to create my tattoo .......

My best friend and I have matching butterflies on our shoulders,
but I always felt  it needed just a little bit *more*  and finally

Here she is .....Feb 28, 2004 minutes after being completed
This was me getttng my flower ankle bracelt in
... gosh ... its been about 6 years or so now ...
This is the butterfly right after being done ~
This is actually Dixies, we laid her on the
scanner !!!!
This is 3 days later
The jester was my very first Tattoo ... It was orginally black and
white but when getting my flowers done, I had it colored in purple,
but it looks more red - he also turned out a lil evil looking ... but my
friends say thats jsut the evil twist in pixie *giggles* - I had
orginally been going in to get my ankle flowers for my first tat but
I had a dream the night before going ... and then when I saw it on
the wall teh next day I was like * I dreamed it I have to have it !