I made my dramatic entry into the world almost a month early and
had to spend 6 days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.
I was being silly a couple times would just simply "forget" to breath
but my Doc fixed me right up with a small dose of caffeine
every morning *giggles* really I just wanted to share
Daddys coffee in the morning !
sleeping babies are just So cute !
This is me and my big sister Brianna
She was very happy to see me
I came home a day early to suprise her !
my car seat is SO big ~
or maybe I am just SO little
This is me and Nanny over here .............and over here my Waumpin
who is a BIG Nebraksa Huskers Fan ** Go Big Red **
I am sure soon I shall have pics up of me in my first Huskers outfit
IF we can find one that fits !!
Home safe in my Princess Bed with
sis Brianna looking out for me
This page put together by my "Auntie Alyxx"