Ostra, celebrated at the Spring Equinox, is named for Eostre, a
TuetonicGoddess of Fertility. Ostara is a time of balance, in which the powers
of dark and light are equal, and from which light will emerge triumphant.  As
the Earth warms it begins to grow green again. All around us are the images of
Fertility.  Crops can be planted, animals awaken from their winter hibernation
and mate, and the young Goddess and God are having their own sexual
awakening, beocoming aware of the allure of one another.  Many  customs that
were adopted into the Christian Easter celebrations are rooted in the festival
of Ostara, including the coloring of eggs, which are symbolic of the Sun,
Fertility and Eternal life, and of course the easter bunny
On this Sabbat it is customary im many Witches Covens to host a noisy ritual
to stir Mother Earth  awake.
Easter Incense:

Patchouli     Verbain     Lavender

Place all ingredients in a magick bowl or bag with Springtime colors.
To charge, bring into your sacred space or Magikal Circle during Ritual.
I always loved Easter as a child, I couldn't wait till morning to go look for eggs
and the white chocolate bunny my Mama would get for me every year .....

For a long time, I had a plastic pink easter basket that I just LOVED and
insisted she use every year....( even when tattered and torn *hehe )

I loved getting to color the eggs too ... One year a friend of ours colored our  
eggs with his acrylic paints and made them all so pretty  I tried saving them in
the fridge not wanting to eat them !!!!

I also remember one year we "blew" out the eggs and made an Easter Egg
Tree ...  decorating with the eggs with ribbons to hang.

I usually received a stuffed bear or bunny on that special morning too and then
we would go out to a nice brunch somewhere so I could have my favorite
Easter Meal - Ham and Mashed Potatoes *giggles*
The Background is by ~ pixie ~
The buttons and Easter Eggs by
Pats Web Graphics
Me at 8  Well, I am disputing that with my mother right now, I think I was 5 or 6
... we are checking ...The beautiful dress was made by my mother ...
Its was the most sunny yellow, with white daisies...
there is another pictureof me in it ... but I am hunting for it still !!
(Mom was right - lol - 1978 was when this was taken! )
Mazzy Kitty 2008 with my Easter Plushie - lol
She likes it too!!
Thanks Mom!!