These are Jerry and Lisa, 2
of my first internet friends
eating at this great lil
Korean resteraunt in Ohio
that sadly is closed now...
They are 2 loves that met
online and are living happily
ever after ....just like me :)
This is my Mama, Valkyrie .... if you like
science fiction, Dr. Who, food, and of
course lil' ol' me, she has some GREAT
stuff to go see ...
*beam me over, Scotty*
just follow the lil blue guy back home ...
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Pixie and Dixie

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This is my friend Amy. She livesin Las Vegas, and I
try to visit  her as often as possible !!
Above is Dixies daughter Brianna Paige ~ she is
the highlight of my life and the most precious
of little girls ... This was after an exhausting
day of Ballet recitals and then a graduation
party ...
This is my best guy friend Pat and of course we all know now my precious
lil Brianna !  You cant see it very well but that is me in the background
on the computer !!!
AND this would be Nate ... he is just such a doll ... i adore him ... and
because sweetie Nate loves blue ... I changed color just for him. If you
HERE you can go see Nates site too .... but be sure and come back !!
no...THIS blue guy
the other guy just LIKES blue *giggles*
UPDATE : June 21,2002

On one of my favorite days of the
year, mid summers eve, my 2 dearest
of friends were married !  
Congratualtions and ALL MY LOVE to
them both !!!!!!
This is my friend Dee, she just
moved from Texas to New York
silly, silly girl ..LOL ..I tried to
!! "
August 17th,2002 Dixie and her love, Russ
finally tied the knot !!  Here are a few of
wedding pictures