These 23 little, but powerful words, were written by the Baptist Minister
Francis Bellamy in 1892 for the 400th anniversary of the discovery of America,
Columbus Day.

For almost 25 years not much heed was taken into it, but it did become a
popular tradition for school children to recite before classes.

On June 14th, 1923 people had gathered for the National Flag Day Conference
in Washington D.C. and with our growing immigrant population the words were
changed from "my flag' to "the flag"' . Then a year later in 1924 it was changed
again to add "United States of America" instead of just "United States".

It was the "unofficial" Pledge until June 22, 1942 when congress included the
Pledge in the United States Flag Code ( title 36 ).  It wasnt until 1945 that it
officially became titled "The Pledge of Allegiance"  

The last change in the Pledge of Allegiance occurred on June 14 ,1954 when
President Dwight D. Eisenhower approved adding the words "under God".          
I Pledge Allegiance
To the Flag
Of the United States of America
And to the Republic
For which it stands
One Nation, under God, indivisible
With liberty and justice for all
From the beginning, one of the things that never seemd to change about the
Pledge was the reciting of it by school children before classes each morning.

Now some 48 years later the has been some controversy over the wording of
the Pledge and keeping our seperation of church and state and our freedom of
religion in tact.   

Someone FINALLY spoke out and said "hey, you know what, I dont believe in
the same God as you and I do not wish my child to be "pledging allegiance" to
the God you believe in while in school everyday"

The courts so far have agreed.  Either the wording needs to be changed to
reflect the changes of our society, or it needs to be removed from public
school systems as they are Govt. funded.

Of course this will be challenged by the christians who believe we should still
have prayer in schools, and because of their huge out-cry alreasy , some of the
judges have backed down for their decision....but we will continue to fight !

It is sad that the seperation of church and state doesnt really exisit where
and when needed most. Congress itself opens each session with prayer and I
am sure many laws are passed based on their own religious beliefs, rather
than the facts of the law.
Support and defend your
Remember, as Americans we are entitled to the Freedoms of our Constitution
THAT is what makes us true, proud Americans !