This is Delilah.  I found her while wandering
through the forest one day.  She was being
hunted, so I brought her back here to a safe
haven ....  She has many sisters out there who
are being hunted as well ....  Please click on her
and go rescue one of them too!
This is Beatrice , The Guardian of Cyber
Pets.  She watches out for my dragons, and
other little (or big) enchanting creatures.  
Beatrice also keeps a watchful eye over our
pet Suxe, as he has a tendency not to get
along with the dragons.
Please see the many other
Page Guardians offered by Amanda.
Hi, I'm Giggles ... my Mama Pixie adopted
me from the Orphanage.  Please click on
me so you too can adopt your very own
dragon ... or two ...*giggles*  
*smiles* and I'm Millie, the Millenium
Dragon ... aint I just a cute lil thing
... pssst hey ... c'mon ... click me
instead  *giggles*  I can wisk you away
too !!!
Welcome to my world of dragons *giggles* and
a couple of other enchanting creatures...
The Suxe is neither dinosaur nor dragon ... he can not fly nor breathe fire, but
makes up for it with his sheer tenacity.  He is an agile creature, with quick
reflexes and a razor sharp spike on the end of his tail that can lash out at an
attacker ... but when he doesnt feel threatend, the Suxe, in spite of his fierce
appearence, can be quite gentle.  For habitat the Suxe prefers to live in boggy
and forested areas and warm climates.
Since I adopted Delilah several years
ago the link to her site is no longer
wokring .. if you know where the forest
moved to please
EMAIL me ...  
THANKS ~  I would also like to give
credit for using her in the background I
desiged  ~  
arent these lil guys so cuuuute ....
I was fluutering around the other day and
found a us new beautiful Faery Dragon ~
Meet "Blue"  - smiles - isnt she just lovely
... please come meet some of Blues sisters
and brothers who also need homes ..