There are many important causes that need our
attention in the country ... I've listed a few here now
that I support, and will always add more as I come
across them ...THANK YOU for YOUR support !!!!
Stop Internet Censorship !
Support the fight against AIDS!
This is great ...Help feed the world ...and it
doesn't cost you a cent. Through sponsers for
each time that logo is clicked they donate food.
This link will take you to an excellent site
of a child sexual abuse survivor.  She has
many many links and lots of information.
Help stop the violence againt
This site is, incredible, yet terrifying. It documents the number of Babies, toddlers
and children who are murdered by abuse.   Its a real wake up call . You can
"adopt" an angel and have a candle lit for them.
*smiles* The Ribbon of Hope campaign is also to help abused
and missing children
Respect and be tolerant of everyone
Have you survived life's trials and tribulations
*smiles* ... I have !
Ifns your a kitty
this is the place to go
This Pro Choice is NOT Anti Life Site
is owned by ~pixie~
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you just wanna say "Hey, Great Page" Email
me  ~smiles~ !
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Thank You Full Moon Graphics !
I have an aunt and uncle who were violenlty
murdered by a drunk driver when I was 5 years
old.  They left behind a 2 year old son and a
beautiful new baby girl, 3months.  I will have a
page dedicated to their story soon.
Very proud American !
Freedom of Religion
The Pledge of Allegiance