Meet My Family ......
This is my sparkle
dragon, Shimmers.  To
get your very own
sparkle dragon click to
the left !  *smiles*
*giggles*...  ok, ok, Blue kinda adopted me.  I was
fluttering through faeryland one day and heard all
these strange noises.  I turned around and there he
was, following me.   I fed him and here we are.  He is
very playful so always keep a watchful eye out!
ahhh, the beauty of butterflies
fluttering in the bright blue
sky... wouldn't you like one of
your very own them
and your wish shall be granted
HEY ... Here's the opportunity of a lifetime:  Your very OWN Fluff.  
YES, that's it, today only if you click my Fluff, you can get some of your
own <~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Fluff ... FREE!!  *giggles* .... I am soooo silly : )
Wanna spread some harmony that sunshiney happy face
(be careful) *giggles*  He likes it !
*smiles*... if you havent yet, would you sign my guestbook and let me know
how you've enjoyed your adventures.....*Thanks*
*giggles*   ITS A TREBBLE !!!!!
Its a bird...its a plane
...its a .....HIPPO !!!!
My trebble, my fae and the cute
lil hippo were all adopted from
Lady Hipoo's Adoption Center
*giggles* Haven't you
ALWAYS wanted your
very own bucket !!
*giggles* This is Tigger and Starlight,
There are lots of kitties needing
good "Cyber Homes"  Wont you get
one too ...
This is Twylight .. and butterfly kiss
... You can adopt a sweetie just like
them at ...
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