Half a human world away
Long before once upon a time
Faeries would would spend the livelong day
Romping o'er countrysides sublime
But bit by bit, the humans came
Encroaching on their Faery ground
And Faeries could not play the same
With mortals lumbering all around
The Faeries soon felt sore displaced
They had no other place to go
They couldnt rid the human raace
What would they do ? They didnt know
And so, the Faery Council met
For several days and then some hours
Deciding that the surest bet
Was to make their homes among the flowers
Each Faery chose its own sweet bloom
So that flower and Faery together
Made magick, music and sweet perfume
And sunshine, whatever the weather
Come enter the garden of magickal pleasure
Where Faeries frolic and flowers sway
To the music of wind chimes, come at your leisure
A treasure of magick beckons you stay
Sunbeams and Moonbeams will show you the way
~Spring Faeries~
~Summer Faeries~
~Autumn Faeries~
~Winter Faeries~
Thank You Pat for the wonderful background and flowers